What is Zimam?

Zimam (Literally meaning “reins” or “taking the initiative” in Arabic) was founded as a Palestinian-led movement with the aim of taking a comprehensive and domestic-oriented approach to conflict resolution by strengthening progressive voices in Palestine, promoting a culture of of nonviolence, fostering national unity, and countering the false promises of extremism.


Zimam's award-winning youth leadership program provides a platform for Palestinian youth to increase their capacity for constructive, non-violent political engagement

Challenging Social Norms

We work to champion the values of justice, freedom, independence through building an effective grassroots base. Our volunteers work tirelessly to build a healthy, democratic society free from the Israeli occupation and injustice; but also free from extremism and intolerance.

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Building Our Community

Zimam chapters run groundbreaking programs that aim to build a thriving, tolerant and healthy society through the empowerment of moderate citizens. This is how Palestinians can more effectively challenge occupation and built the unity that is required for Palestine to achieve its goals; and it will only happen through working in full partnership with all segments of Palestinian society.

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