Zimam Booklet

Zimam booklet. 30,000 copies distributed in 2017

The Zimam Booklet campaign was designed to combat hate speech, violence, and extremism through education. Following the success of a major national conference we held earlier in the year, where experts and political and civil society leaders were invited to present papers on some of the most important issues facing Palestinian society, we realized that there was a need to disseminate this information widely. The final product was a booklet titled “Palestine Free from Violence and Extremism,” a resource without precedent in Palestine, where issues of nationality, citizenship, violence, religion, and extremism are explored in depth and explained in a way that empowers young people to confidently discuss difficult topics.

In a matter of months, Zimam has distributed over 30,000 copies of the booklet to young people and mosques across the country. In the latter, our special Task Force and network of moderate imams and sheikhs has been instrumental. Zimam also worked closely with community centers and staged a number of campaigns at major universities in Nablus, Bethlehem, Jenin and Gaza to hand out the booklets to students and invite the public to engage in an open and frank discussion about moderate Palestinian interests.

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