Leadership Program

The Leadership Program offers training for Zimam youth leaders while encouraging an interfaith, intercultural dialogue between our activists. Zimam award winning program focuses on providing our groups of young leaders with the necessary tools to form social cohesion among the political and religious communities in Palestine and encourage the public to engage in a moderate discussion about the future Palestinian state.

Over 1200 activists attended over 50 leadership workshops in 2017. We are offering our activists a non-violent path to create the conditions necessary for effective conflict resolution while providing a platform for Palestinian youth to increase their capacity for constructive, non-violent political engagement.

In 2018, Zimam aims to organize several workshops with experts on different subjects in the fields of public speaking, communications, advocacy and campaigning. Zimam plans involves providing the best experiences available for our activists while creating a moderate group of youth leaders who can serve as ambassadors for the movement when reaching out to the international community.

Global Teacher Award Winner, Hanan Hroub, during Zimam nonviolence national conference

To live in peace we must create a healthy society for our children. We have to teach our kids tolerance, forgiveness and understanding. We have to teach them to love life and love their differences.