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About us

Zimam (literally meaning “‘reins’,” but also “‘taking the initiative”’) is a growing grassroots movement, promoting the values of justice, moderation and pluralism, and supporting the Palestinian national project of statehood and an end to occupation.
We work across the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, creating a human infrastructure that is dedicated to building the independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state, participating in the nonviolent popular activities to resist the Israeli occupation using all legitimate means according to the international law. We at Zimam profoundly believe in peace and the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and freedom.

Zimam also works across Palestinian society to promote the values of justice, moderation and pluralism. Our chapters run groundbreaking programs that aim to build a thriving, tolerant and healthy society through the empowerment of moderate citizens. This is how Palestinians can more effectively challenge occupation and built the unity that is required for Palestine to achieve its goals; and it will only happen through working in full partnership with all segments of Palestinian society.

Our inclusive approach encourages the values of respect for the “other” and the rights of those with different opinions, language, religions and colors to participate in the collective Palestinian national project as brothers and sisters.
Zimam also advocates for ending the internal Palestinian disputes and divisions through constructive dialogue and peaceful means, and we stand against and work to confront extremists, challenging their ideas and their suppression of pluralism.
On the international level, Zimam works to establish a network and coalitions with individuals, institutions, movements and parties that share the same vision and values, working with them to mobilize support for Palestinian moderates and their rights, and encouraging them to effectively participate in ending the occupation and the conflict, once and for all.

The Mission: We work to champion the values of justice, freedom, independence through building an effective grassroots base. Our volunteers work tirelessly to build a healthy, democratic society free from the Israeli occupation and injustice; but also free from extremism and intolerance.

Objectives: to spread the values of freedom and justice between various segments of society, through media campaigns and grassroots social activities. to develop and protect Area C in the West Bank through creating positive facts on the grounds and enabling socially and economically marginalized citizens to remain steadfast to spread the concepts of democracy and constructive dialogue within Palestinian society, in particular among the youth, through awareness, educational and training campaigns. to strengthen the peaceful nonviolent popular struggle, and to non-violently contribute toward achieving freedom and statehood.

Sign the Petition

“Arising from our love, loyalty, and sense of citizenship, and being part of the civil society institutions, and as we are considered citizens with a vision and notion; we call upon all who are responsible in their positions in an institution, school, or family to sign this petition for convening a national conference to adopt a Palestinian Day to promote the culture of tolerance and civil peace. We must not become complacent in addressing all aspects of violence and extremism in all its intellectual, political, and religious forms. There should be no atonement, no treason, nor defamation; so we be able to preserve social fabric and protect national cohesion. We must work hard for a social, political, and national reconciliation which protects the Palestinian national project.

We call upon all parties, individuals, civil and governmental institutions to fully perform their duty in protecting the Palestinian society from all forms of extremism, fundamentalism and intolerance, and to protect it from all forms of violence. We shall work together to strengthen the rule of law and develop dialogue and community partnership, pluralism, equality, and basic human rights, citizenship concepts, and conditions of the modern state in accordance with the provisions of the humanitarian and international law, to be included in the curriculum for our academic institutions, a policy for national parties for creating a free, democratic, independent Palestinian society”

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