Abdallah Hamarsheh

Executive Director

Abdallah Hamarsheh is the Executive Director of Zimam. Like many Palestinians, Abdallah, when he was young, has worked in construction in Israel during the 1990s before going to college. He joined OneVoice Movement in 2005 as a volunteer and has since mobilized and organized more than 1,500 youth leaders across the West Bank and Gaza in support of non-violent conflict resolution. Prior to this, Abdallah worked for the Palestinian Authority in the VIP Protection Unit and for the Ministry of NGO Affairs. Abdallah’s leadership skills and commitment have been widely noted, including in the book Invisible Giants by Leaders’ Quest founder Lindsay Levin. Abdallah was born in the town of Yabed near Jenin. His parents passed away when he was a child, so he credits his sisters for helping to raise him into the man he is today. Abdallah and his wife Safa’ live in Ramallah with their daughter Talia.